MABEO Industries

Mabéo Industries is the multi-specialist of the markets of the industry, the services, the Building and Civil Engineering Works and the communities.

Specialist of the Personal Protective Equipment, Hygiene, Safety and the Environment, Mabéo Industries offers protective equipment, from head to foot, and a wide range of products adapted to needs and optimized in their environment.

Mabéo Industries supplies a global answer to customers’ requirements, with the brands leaders on the international markets and a total service thanks to their experts, their technicians and engineers and were adapted to the constraints of specifications and systems: studies of posts, dedicated stocks, parcel personalized, workshops of marking and automation of distribution.

Besides, Mabéo Industries distinguishes itself on the market of the industrial distribution by a high added value service in the various technologies of the hydraulic and pneumatic fluids, the mechanical transmission and the automatisms.

Mabéo Industries, a new global offer for a local service.

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